Neighborhood Roots is proud to participate in the Greenpoint graffiti removal program sponsored by the Mayor's office along with the Greenpoint Civic Council. The program has been initiated and will begin on Manhattan Avenue and branch out from there. The paints, brushes and supplies were donated through Mayor Giuliani's quality of life initiatives. The work is being done by local residents who have volunteered their time. Program organizer, R J Leddick stated,"This program will be an ongoing project. We will be here as long as we need to be. I love this neighborhood, intend to clean it up, and keep it that way. This wonderful family oriented community had recently fallen victim to grafitti vandals. I've never seen a time when it has been such a big problem. I'm glad to be part of the solution."

A few of the volunteers at work:
John Coughlin
Marie Leddick, Greenpoint Civic Council, President
R J Leddick, Program Organizer
Steven Leddick
John Pirhala
Frank & Kelly Witkowski, Pit Stop Bar
Gary Witkowski
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