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Wednesday, October 22nd 7:00PM

at the GREENPOINT SAVINGS BANK (Calyer Street Entrance)

We will be discussing

Manhattan Ave. and McGuiness Blvd. Reconstruction Projects

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October NewsWire......... COMING SOON!

 Birthplace of the Monitor  Vol1 Issue2 July/Aug 1997

Now appearing at a pit near you!

The first phase of the Asian Longhorned Beetle tree restoration program is concluding. Over the course of the past few weeks, trees have started appearing, along with granite block pavers, in existing pits where trees were lost. Homeowners should be aware that the spaces between the granite pavers are to be filled with sand, not with mortar. The mortar diminishes the area for the tree to absorb water. The trees that were planted this spring have a three year warranty.

The outreach to our communities will continue to be an ongoing process throughout the summer months for the siting of new tree locations. New trees will appear this fall planting season, next spring, and again next fall. Neighborhood Roots has designed tree requests applications in English, Polish and Spanish.

"It is truly inspiring to see the response from our communities. Hundreds of our forms are coming back by fax, Fedex and mail from Greenpoint, the Northside, and the Southside. Several residents have even been hand delivering their tree requests from as far as South 1st Street, remarked John Kupiec, co-founder of Neighborhood Roots.

We were alarmed and saddened by numerous residents' accounts of having submitted requests for trees to our Community Board 1 over the past decade, and never receiving one. Some residents have complained that they can't even get their phone calls returned. With so many residents from all our communities expressing frustration and a sense of being disenfranchised, we felt it was important to create a place where people can call to have questions answered and requests handled expeditiously. If you would like a tree in front of your home, fill out and mail in the form printed inside this NewsWire.

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