NY1' s comprehensive coverage of the event did much to effectively illustrate the abuses felt by our community to the rest of the city. "It doesn't have the support from elected officials for the necessary upgrades to the community livability that are taking place in other communities," stated local resident, John Hummer. "We have two mothers who fell just recently on Manhattan Avenue and broke their ankles," stated Girl Scout leader Carmel Warren. Key points shown on the report were:

1. Manhattan Avenue's dangerously warped street and sidewalk

2. our inaccessible waterfront and the Department of Sanitation's hold on our Noble Street pier

3. the relentless dumping of garbage in Greenpoint as we bear one-third of the city's waste transfer stations and fear that the closing of Staten Island's Fresh Kills landfill will bring even more garbage

4. transit cuts on the G train, which is the only subway line that serves the entire Greenpoint community.

Neighborhood Roots would like to thank everyone who helped to make this rally a rousing success. Special thanks to Tadeusz Chabrowski and Renata Jablonska of the Polish and Slavic Center, John Chaplinski of Top Shape Inc., Martin Mieloszwk of Chopin Chemists, Michael Pajak of Polstar Printing, Elizabeth Tapper of Manhattan Medical, Frank Witkowski of the Pit Stop Bar, Lucas Bulka, Mark Dawson, the entire Hoffman family, Estelle Jones, Steven Leddick, Evelyn and Erica Matechak, Jean Myers, Laura Pupecki, Instapress, The Garden, all the churches including St. Anthony's, St. Stanislaus Kostka, St. Ceril-Methodius, The Greenpoint Reformed Church, Church of the Ascension, Our Lady of Consolation RC Church, and St. John's Lutheran Church, all the Greenpoint merchants who posted announcements for the rally and all our neighbors who got the word out to participate in this event. If anyone was missed, please forgive us; you are not forgotten. We are rushing to meet the paper's deadline.

This Greenpoint community will be put on a new course for a brighter future by having its residents involved and informed. Attend the meetings and programs of the local organizations involved in fighting these issues: Neighborhood Roots, The Greenpoint Civic Council, the Polish & Slavic Center, and Concerned Citizens of Greenpoint. Also watch for notices of meetings for the Greenpoint 197a plan and the Newtown Creek Monitoring Committee. Let your elected officials know you are upset about what is happening and demand a change in their actions."We're a great neighborhood–multi-generations and multi-cultures, rich with history–all combining to make a community with spirit and heart. We cannot allow our past, present and future to be put into jeopardy by the local representatives appointed and elected to protect us," says John Kupiec. We will be working to bring Mayor Giuliani's vision of One City/One Standard to Greenpoint. Petitions distributed on November 9 continue to be returned filled with signatures.

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